It’s a love hate thing when it comes to this meal. Eish … its just that after a long day at work I just wanna tuck into something “deserving” you know what I mean? But truth is, we have to be diligent when it comes to what we eat at night. I want to introduce you to the biggest lesson I learnt that really helped me to eat what I want when I want. Portion control. Eat what you want, just make sure you watch how much you eat. My advice for dinner is be really good during the week, then spoil yourselves for a full day of eating what you want without having to think too much about it. I have a few really comfort dinners in here, as well as dinners that will fit right into your busy week, and I have also added some dinners that will suit a really good budget. Hope what I like to eat for dinner really makes your mouth water.