I love breakfasts. This stems from my passion for the morning. I love waking up, making myself a delicious cup of coffee and sitting outside, exposing myself to the morning light and letting my dogs Charlie and Sally lick me to death. The smell and the freshness about the morning is what inspires my day, as well as what I choose to tuck into in the AM. The old age saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is one that I strongly believe in and would like for you to do some research as to why it has resisted the test of time. I’m not going to bother writing to you and filling you in on the facts, you need to do that research yourself and get the understanding. Only then will you have the conviction. Just remember this, your body has been a sleep for 8 hours, and will be awake for the next 16 hours, you better fuel up. In the next few pages I have my ultimate favorite breakfasts. The meals that really make me happy in the morning, some healthy choices, and some weekend only breakfasts.