Stout Caramel

“This is popcorn taken to another level!”


150g Popcorn (you can also use microwave Popcorn)
30g Butter
200ml Castle Milk Stout
230g Brown Sugar
100ml Heavy Cream
½ tsp. Salt


Preheat oven to 150°C.
To prepare the popcorn: If using a pot, add a few drops of oil and heat it up. Add the popcorn and put on the lid to start popping.
Shake the pan regularly as the popcorn pops so the popcorn doesn’t burn. (If using microwave popcorn, microwave according to pack instructions.)
When the popcorn stops popping, take off the heat and pour onto a baking tray.
Place the tray of popcorn in the oven to keep warm while preparing the glaze (this is an important step, as popcorn must be warm when the glaze gets poured over, otherwise it will absorb the glaze and shrink).

To make the stout caramel glaze: Place a saucepan on a medium heat and add butter and Castle Milk Stout and bring to a low boil.
Let it reduce by ¼ then add sugar and boil for another 10 minutes.
Don’t stir with a spatula, as nothing should touch the bottom of the pot, just turn the saucepan and swirl the liquid as the glaze needs to thicken slowly.
Remove saucepan from the heat and slowly add cream, stirring with a rubber spatula, add salt and mix until well combined.
Working quickly, remove the popcorn from the oven and pour the glaze over the popcorn and mix, using the spatula to make sure popcorn is evenly coated.
Return popcorn to the oven and bake for 30 minutes, tossing the mixture once or twice to bake evenly.
Remove from oven and allow to cool before serving.

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