The other day my mother dearest asked me how our latest song was doing, Movie Star with Eddy Kenzo from Uganda. She was very surprised by my response, “I have no idea mae.”

I’ve often been asked this question over the last 5 years, “What’s been the most challenging thing about the music industry?” My immediate response would always be the fact that our time at home is limited and friends and family become a scarcity in your life. That’s a hard thing. It's such a bittersweet feeling, because on the one hand you doing what you absolutely love and are driven for, and on the other you missing time with the people that matter the most, with the people that essentially don’t judge you for the your work but love you regardless.

Well I have a new answer for that question.

The hardest thing at the moment for me about the music industry is the constant judgment.

Allow me to explain.

We recently put out a new single like I mentioned. A song that my team and I think is one of the best songs we have ever put out there into the world. A song we co wrote with Eddy Kenzo in Uganda when we were there for a show of ours. We spent hours on day 1 trying to lay down vocals and horns and there followed a couple of weeks of tweaks here and there to ensure that the quality we put out is worth peoples time and money. We take our consumer/fan very seriously. Their time and attention is our business.

The other day I had a weird and really clear understanding of what our business is about. Its not that I didn’t know this, it just really came to life.

A restaurateur buys food from a grocer/butcher/fishmonger/etc. They spend days preparing meals that hopefully people will come in and buy. No people, no money. Not only that, then there is wastage of food, staff on site that need to get paid regardless, rent, etc.

Music is the same. People consume music based on MANY different factors. With the digital age we are in that list of factors is even more extensive. You have 100s of new songs out daily. 1000s of songs to choose from at any given time. Then you have your preference of genre. Then you have the mood you’re in. Then you have a perception of what that musician/band is about. Etc. etc. etc.

Our work, much like the food prepared at restaurants, is our music. The product we specialize in is music. The deciding factor is support. You see if people, radio, tv, online THINK our song is good enough then they support you. Their support is what drives sales and most importantly what creates demand for us to get work in the form of live performances (where the real and only real money that we make comes from).

This is why for as long as I have been in this band called Mi Casa I have been preaching that without people we are nothing. This is why I’ve never really understood the attitude of some of my colleagues in the music industry, walking around thinking that the sun shines out their ass. It just doesn’t make sense, but for some reason it does wonders for certain genres of music. People love that “I don’t need anybody, im a success, im a king, im a god” attitude. Its weird.

I mean we have just been nominated for an MTV Africa Music Award for Best Group. Here is the reality, we have been nominated for this award because we deserve to be and are recognized as one of the best groups in the continent. For me, without it being arrogant, I think its a fact. But how do we win? Well well well … who do we need? Our fans. Our cheerleaders. Our troops. To support us. To help us achieve something that WITHOUT THEM is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE.

This is why I’m so grateful that since a young age my mother taught me the simplest and truest lesson of all, without people we are nothing. 

This is why I wanted to tell you a huge thank you. A huge thank you for seeing me as good enough. For you seeing me as a worthwhile person to follow and support. I want to thank all mine and Mi Casa fans for thinking that we are worthy of being celebrated because of our craft.

Its tough waiting on a conclusion from people. Its this constant chase to try and improve and impress. This constant urge to make people happy through song and hopefully make and impact in their lives in one way or another.

But I arrived at a very healthy conclusion recently. A reality of life. One that we could never get right. Not even Jesus could do it, and that is to try and please everybody.

If you reading this I know you care about me and my band to some degree. I want to let you know that we are not here to try and please everybody. We here to please the people that believe in us and think we are worthy of being celebrated.

“You do not have because you do not ask.”

To the people that believe in me and my band, lets gather the troops and lets vote for Mi Casa to win the Best Group at the MTV African Music Awards.

All you have to do is this.


-       Tweet “#MamaVote #BestGroup @MiCasaMusic”

-       You can do this 5 times per day

-       Tell all your friends to join in


-       Simply post a picture of us (Get a pic from our page) and write #MAMAvote #BestGroup @MiCasaMusic

-       You can do this 5 times per day


-       Head to MTVMAMA.com and vote 10 times per day just by clicking vote on our name under Best Group

We have a huge surprise for you with this which we will be revealing really soon. Something that is going to really blow your mind and hopefully make a couple of you REALLY happy :)

I’ve spoken a lot about the hardest thing in the music industry, now let end off by telling you what that best feeling or thing is about the music industry.

YOU! Your support. Everybody loves being cheered on. You guys literally give us life.

Thank you so much for supporting my band and I.

Big hug


#MAMAvote + #BestGroup + @MiCasaMusic



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