“Come on you got this … don’t stop … its me and you until the finish … you not tired … I’m so proud of you … look at you go … feeling so good … soon you’ll be on the cover of a magazine with a tailored Tom Ford suit if you keep up like this … push …” That’s what a conversation sounds like between my mind and myself whilst I’m thugging it out on the treadmill, sweat dripping all over the place as i try to improve on my latest 10km run time.

“You tired … maybe just slow down … you not gonna make it … rather stop … whats the point of all of this …” That’s the conversation between the very same ‘people’ … i.e. my mind and myself whilst on the treadmill doing my thing.

You see its a new year … what comes with a new year? Resolutions. Plans. Dreams. Goals. I love it. Its the best. I used to love starting a new year at school, it allowed me the opportunity to at least put everything else behind me and try my best to succeed. Resolutions are not stupid, they good. But you say we hardly keep to them … i know. That’s what i wanna talk about. Why? Why is it that we struggle to keep to them.

I believe in me. That’s what i have that a lot of people don’t have. Self belief. I want something, i get it. Or at least you will find me working my ass off to try and get it. Now the beauty of this statement or should i say this characteristic is that if you don’t have it … in other words if you struggle to believe in
yourself then you don’t have to spend hours on a treadmill, or eat healthy for months, or spend 4 months in a studio trying to make a hit album to achieve the characteristic. No, all you have to do is counter your mind when it turns on you … all you have to do is BELIEVE in yourself. You don’t even have to spend a breath … all you have to sacrifice is a thought. A simple, “I CAN DO THIS” when your mind hits you with a “This is impossible” thought.

The only reason i believe in myself is because i want to believe in myself. The only reason i believe i can achieve my goals/resolutions (whatever the hell you wanna call them) is because I WANT TO ACHIEVE THEM.

But i must say its not a simple change. Its not a 1 2 3 and you free from the chains that not believing in yourself put you in. Its a continuous battle. But its one that does not depend on anything else but YOURSELF.

So there you are … with your list of resolutions in front of you, or probably you don’t even have one because you think its a complete waste of time … what i say is challenge yourself. Try. Start the year with a positive foot forward. Start the year with ‘i can’ or ‘I’m gonna try’ because you know what, even if you don’t achieve it now at least you tried. “Every shot i don’t take is a missed opportunity,” Michael Jordan.

Some call this year 2015 … I’m calling it #20BELIEVEINMYSELF …

Hit me up on twitter @jsomethingmusic or simply comment below and let’s have a chat … if you struggle with this i don’t mind encouraging you. You already do so much for me and my band … that a little encouragement is the least i could do.

What i know is this … what sets some of the world icons apart from everybody else is the fact that they are stronger mentally. Muhammed Ali is a perfect example. The dude was already ten times stronger than any opponent before they even stepped in the ring … why? Because he trained his mind. He worked at believing in himself.

Be bold. Be in control. Not of the world, but of yourself.

Big hug


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