Something’s Cooking

Something’s Cooking
Season 1

Something’s Cooking is a flavoursome journey with J’Something as he shares his passion for food. He explores new ingredients and cooking styles whilst continuously learning about the culinary world. We share in his everyday life and learn more about the J’Something off stage.

When love and skill come together expect a slice of entertainment with a difference.’ The show was first broadcast on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 107 and syndicated to South African Airways in 2015.

The show has enjoyed subsequent runs again on DSTV and also flighted in Angola. The brand was created by J’Something as his passion project for food, which has filtered into retail and merchandising.

Check out a shorter version of the show above!



The Beginning

“Meet J’something, venture with him to where his love for food all begun. Go down memory lane and watch as J recreates some of his best loved meals.”


All Day Errr’ Day Breakfast’

“Brunch and Brinner, who said Breakfast couldn’t be enjoyed at any time of the day? J’Something shows you some of his favourite breakfast dishes that can be devoured and relished at anytime, come moon or shine.”


Bringing Asia to My Kitchen

“Delicious + Take-Aways = Asian! Take- aways are always a treat , J’Something delivers an array of dishes that are typically seen as “take-aways” but are easily whisked up in your very own kitchen”


Meat Free Monday’s

“No need for mundane Mondays, switch up your week with a meat free Monday meal. J’Something goes vegetarian for the day and whips up a variety of meat free dishes.”


Cheat Day

“Cheat days are meant to count, J’Something puts together an assortment of comfort foods that will leave no craving unsatisfied.” I invite Mo-T over for lunch, because what’s the fun in having a full out cheat day if you can’t share it with someone?


Pizza Oven Cuisine

“Ain’t no party like a J’Something Pizza Party; J takes his ultimate love for Pizza to the next level and hosts a party revolved around the culinary art of pizza cuisine.”


Little Piece of Portugal

“Ola Mae! J’Something goes back to his roots and creates a little piece of Portugal in his own home. He finds that there is no better cure for homesickness than a day with family, friends and food.”



“What do you get when you mix truffles, hummus and prawns? A meze! J’Something explores the different sides to Tapas and shows you how to mix and match for the perfect combination.”


The Aftermath

“Long nights are guaranteed to turn into long days, J’Something cooks up a couple spicy meals that will kick start your day and get you back on track in no time.”


Love At First Bite

“J’something shows his romantic side by helping to create delicious and sexy dishes for a friend who has planned a picnic for his fiancé”


Kasi Foods

“When you mix Kasi culture and food, there is bound to be a Kota full of flavour. J’Something goes back to Alexandra to visit one of his fondest food memories, watch to see if he can create a traditional Amagwinya with new flavours.”


Chilling with My Hombraais

“Man, fire, meat – J’Something shows off one of South Africas most enjoyed activities whilst brining a distinct hint of class to the braai-mix.”


My Stokvel

My Stokvel “Muchas Gracias mi Amigas! J’Something has picked ‘Mexican’ as his theme for supper club. Join him and his friends for the fiesta finale.”

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